• Welcome to Ye Olde Squalin Fun


    Hi welcome to my blog.

    I hope you like it and will visit again.

    I like to read all your comments and feed back, so comment more often!

  • About Squalin


    Squalin is a girl.

    she is almost ten years old and in year three.

    Her real name is shay.

    She likes the computer but not so much like some people!

    She plays club penguin.

    Squalin does not own a computer in her house.

    So she uses her friend zebby queen's computer,

    Or one belonging to the libary!

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    Are you bored?!

    Well then visit a random link!


    Or play Club Penguin and join in the fun!

    Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

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    There is loads of things to do at Fun Squalin!..

    Fun Squalin™

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Ye Olde Bio


Ye Olde Bio of Fun Squalin ™

Name: Squalin, Shay

Age: Almost 10 😉

Year: Year 3

Other info:

I was at my friend zebby queen’s house so I could go on club penguin,We don’t have internet at our house, and she helped me make a blog, Of course I will not update quick and a lot because of that! But when I go over to her house, or to the libary I will update 🙂

I like the colors Red, Pink, Blue, Baby Blue And Lime green/Green.

I am a girl, Duh 😯 !


11 Responses

  1. I added your awesome banner, Squalin!

  2. But the site is not about my penguin 😆 !!! I just use club penguin for designing 🙂 maybe I’ll make a page for it.

  3. How about telling us about your penguin?

  4. Thank you! could you all add my widget?!

  5. I like this one!

  6. I umm.. think … this.. page…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..ROCKS!

  7. Please do not stalk or use my info. in any bad way, feel free to comment what you think about this page.

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