Beta Penguin Trade


I am making a generous trade.

I will give the first 5 people to give me a coin code a beta penguin and an animation maker.

The penguin is rare, and has the first hat ever.

I will put a few pictures here soon 😉

Email me at


14 Responses

  1. Can you please add one of my bannes to advertisements?

  2. Hello fellow Blogger!
    Please visit my Blog and comment ➡

  3. I have a one month membership…will you trade a one month membership for the beta?

  4. Ok iDance! gosh I’ve gotta update my site 😯 Yoinkz!

  5. Hey Squalin! Please save me a beta! I’m gettin’ more codes soon!

    ~ iDance1

  6. wow. ur bro is warped. jk. i give u coin code, if i give my mom like 50 trillion complaints and do like, 30 jobs, i might get one,…..i already have got 4 awhile back, and my mom hates dysney, so i doubt she let me

    Intresting! most parents hate Disney, because of there bad influence but Billybob isn’t disney and Uhhh… Rsnail made club penguin, also Rsnail is on squabble’s buddy list believe it or not and so is BillyBob!

  7. O ill try to get one!!!!!
    I like betas!

  8. ummm, fun squalin-i will give u 5 rare penguins, admin and blogroll forever, and 50 points on my comment shop if u give me that beta!

  9. Whats the Beta’s name?
    Squabble it’s my only beta my brother made it some time ago but now he’s into japanese cartoons!

  10. Beta hat aint the first dude… Its only that it will never come out again… DUH! 😀

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