Visit some sites!


I’m not buying this but wexfief said I was wrong

and told us his story, but I’m not buying it yet!

Sorry wexfief 😦

I just wanna tell you to visit some sites that I know are new and new penguins!

Ben’s site also known as Tha D J


iDance’s Site


iPod Ninjas army


Please keep the hits and comments coming 🙂


😀 Squalin 😀


11 Responses

  1. Visit our IMAF site today! Please help us for our goal for this summer. IMAF is a medium army, and we will love to have a great loyal soldier.
    * We are not a major, so we give out many promotions.
    * IMAF has great, loyal troops.
    * IMAF’s servers are balanced.
    * Much, much more!
    Please don’t take this as spam, because I’m sorry if it is.
    ~Flippy 😀 ~

  2. Oh ok thanks 😀

  3. cool

  4. cool!

  5. lol I know, but yarury said you’ve had your blog over 6+ months and that a lot for a tiny amount of views so I thought about helping you out 😉

  6. Hey! Thanks for putting me on here! (I’m not new! :lol:)

  7. Well maybe I should, but it still doesn’t sound real enough!
    (to me)

  8. That’s not nice! you should believe him 😐

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