Wexfief beta contest -FAKE-?!


As you know this is a random blog, like about anything I want it to be but mostly FUN FUN FUN FUN 😀

So here is the evidance of “Wexfief” The faker for hits 😀

evidance3Firstly this is the evidance for the Ip addresses don’t be fooled!

evidance2This is the evidance for the beta contest round one, as you see

there is only like 7 minutes between the 2 comments and all of them

are correct answers click HERE to see!

evidance1You see he guessed 7121?!

12Do you see?! the correct answer is a few numbers away from Assasin’s answer!

Click HERE to view that post!

If he changes anything, well I’ve got him 😈

Don’t let him fool you 😉

I’ve never told such a lie in my life I swear it’s real and I took pictures for evidance.


I hope this isn’t true, but if Assasin wins that means it is true!

What do you think?!

;l;l;Also if he doesn’t approve my comment that’s more!


16 Responses

  1. oooooooooooohhhh 😮 !! Thanks for the information!

  2. Yeah I know! but I didn’t want people to be cheated, and I don’t participate in such a thing a gossip YOINKS! 😯

  3. This shouldn’t be posted. I know how juicy and rumory the gossip is but I take it offensive even though it’s not me. I’m not asking you to remove it.

    ~ |Global|

  4. Yeah, I blamed Cowtail before (by accident). I shouldn’t have made the contest. 😐

    Fun Squalin Admin: Well giving out other people’s passwords especially your friend’s is not very nice 😐

  5. Oh go to your profile! also you should type more like me for correct grammar

  6. oh yah here is the site!! http://www.cpcheatdj.wordpress.com

    Fun Squalin Admin: Oh thanks for the link! I could just design your site a bit, maybe change the theme and add a header, you can do the widgets 😐

  7. or wat i mean is that’s not pretty!

    how do i add a picture to my name

  8. That’s sour! Sweet = Nice Sour = Not Nice/Bad/Not good news

  9. This also may not be true, I may be mistaken lets just see who wins 😉

  10. What do you think?!! I think that is a mean thing to do, to trick people for hits (this is not just for wexfief it’s for other people that do it to)

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