More updates than ever!


There are more updates than ever on Fun Squalin!

To start off here:

1-Few New widgets

2- lern’t how to do animations!

3- New page about me on club penguin -(my penguin)-

5- Two new drawings on “Ye olde art”

6- Broke a new hit record for this blog  -( 162 hits yesterday)-

7- Loads of votes on vote for a page poll.

8- Comments are now under ”moderation”

9- There are pages for the comments 10 comments per page.

10- Comments are now from ”Newest to Oldest”

Other news

Squalin needs a coin code or a membership.

Do you think you could help her?!

She would be very grateful and tell you how to make you own animations for your blog like this:



-( She would be grateful for any series)-

Even if you don’t have a blog, I’ll make any person who donates there very own page all about them and there penguin.

And meet them in club penguin 😀

Lastly she would be there buddy, and if you have a site when you donate here is what you’ll get:

1- site advertised in five posts.

2- Site banner added.

3- Visit ”example’s” site in every post’s comment for a month.

4-The animation maker.

-(You don’t need a site to donate to Squalin 😉 )

All donations go to:


14 Responses

  1. Hey Squalin there’s band practice today! See if you can come just go to my site!

  2. how do you make animaton i wanna no

  3. Hey! can every one comment on my Ye Olde Squalin page?! please? I need comments 😦

  4. Hey!*Text edited out, I do not approve of it 😐 *

  5. can you add iPod ninjas 2 your advertisments?!

  6. But I don’t got a coin code 😦

  7. Awwwwwww maaan! I want all that stufF!

  8. Could You Please Add My Banner , Actually flubby’s banner was made by me . Please could you add my banner ?

    Fun Squalin *Admin* : Yes, I will nice banner could you add mine in return?!

  9. Thank you 😀

  10. Man, i wish i had a coin code to give you. That animation thing is really cool!

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