Beta Penguin Trade


I am making a generous trade.

I will give the first 5 people to give me a coin code a beta penguin and an animation maker.

The penguin is rare, and has the first hat ever.

I will put a few pictures here soon 😉

Email me at


Squalin makes a movie for Zebby!


My friend Zebby was busy today, so she asked me to make her a movie!

and I did!

It’s my first movie EVA!

Watch it 😉

Have fun watching it! Oh yeah! can you rate the movie? that proves how much you like it and how good it is 😉

Comment on the movie to! and don’t forget to sub to me and zebby’s channel 😀

Visit some sites!


I’m not buying this but wexfief said I was wrong

and told us his story, but I’m not buying it yet!

Sorry wexfief 😦

I just wanna tell you to visit some sites that I know are new and new penguins!

Ben’s site also known as Tha D J


iDance’s Site


iPod Ninjas army


Please keep the hits and comments coming 🙂


😀 Squalin 😀

Wexfief beta contest -FAKE-?!


As you know this is a random blog, like about anything I want it to be but mostly FUN FUN FUN FUN 😀

So here is the evidance of “Wexfief” The faker for hits 😀

evidance3Firstly this is the evidance for the Ip addresses don’t be fooled!

evidance2This is the evidance for the beta contest round one, as you see

there is only like 7 minutes between the 2 comments and all of them

are correct answers click HERE to see!

evidance1You see he guessed 7121?!

12Do you see?! the correct answer is a few numbers away from Assasin’s answer!

Click HERE to view that post!

If he changes anything, well I’ve got him 😈

Don’t let him fool you 😉

I’ve never told such a lie in my life I swear it’s real and I took pictures for evidance.


I hope this isn’t true, but if Assasin wins that means it is true!

What do you think?!

;l;l;Also if he doesn’t approve my comment that’s more!

More updates than ever!


There are more updates than ever on Fun Squalin!

To start off here:

1-Few New widgets

2- lern’t how to do animations!

3- New page about me on club penguin -(my penguin)-

5- Two new drawings on “Ye olde art”

6- Broke a new hit record for this blog  -( 162 hits yesterday)-

7- Loads of votes on vote for a page poll.

8- Comments are now under ”moderation”

9- There are pages for the comments 10 comments per page.

10- Comments are now from ”Newest to Oldest”

Other news

Squalin needs a coin code or a membership.

Do you think you could help her?!

She would be very grateful and tell you how to make you own animations for your blog like this:



-( She would be grateful for any series)-

Even if you don’t have a blog, I’ll make any person who donates there very own page all about them and there penguin.

And meet them in club penguin 😀

Lastly she would be there buddy, and if you have a site when you donate here is what you’ll get:

1- site advertised in five posts.

2- Site banner added.

3- Visit ”example’s” site in every post’s comment for a month.

4-The animation maker.

-(You don’t need a site to donate to Squalin 😉 )

All donations go to:

Time to vote


It’s time for all of you to vote for a new page.

So here are the pages to vote for.

  • Funny Pictures
  • Go Green
  • Blog of the month
  • Party of the year

So get voting bay-bee!

;l;l;And vote 😉 thanks 😀

Ye Old Squalin


I’m Ye Fun Squalin, And known as Squalin on club penguin.

I like to draw and design this blog will be mostly fun,games art and fan art